Wavin Development



Wavin Development


Wavin put in a planning application to build a car park and a storage facility on the opposite side of Parsonage Way, in the field adjacent to Kilvert’s Parsonage.

LBRA is concerned about this development for a number of reasons –

  • 1. It sets a precedent on extending industrial use of land closer to the residential area of the village
  • 2. It takes away a green space, part of the ‘lungs’ of the countryside between Chippenham and Langley Burrell
  • 3. It closes, or re-routes a footpath that we know is used to get round the fields to the south of the village




As you can see, this development is going ahead. The LBRA and Parish Council have kept in close contact with the Council and with Wavins. There are on-going discussions about the realignment of the footpath, which has currently been extinguished.


The bund (the large bank) is intended to protect the village from the worst of the traffic noise and the visual impact of the parking area and storage. It has been planted and, in time. will provide a more natural, green boundary.